April 25, 2018

Last Call to Submit Proposals for Development of Properties in Historic Downtown Oxnard


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Carri Karuhn, Manager of Media Relations/Community Outreach

805-385-7593, [email protected]

Last Call to Submit Proposals for Development of Properties in Historic Downtown Oxnard

Oxnard, California – Attention all developers! This is the last call to submit proposals to develop a mix of retail and residential properties in historic downtown Oxnard. The Oxnard Community Development Commission Successor Agency and the City of Oxnard are inviting developers to submit proposals for the development of property groupings known as Plaza Park North (Group C) and Plaza Park South (Group F).

In 2016, the City of Oxnard– in conjunction with the Congress for the new Urbanism (CNU) California Chapter – solicited community input regarding transforming the downtown into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly area that includes housing, shopping, dining and parking.

The CNU used the public’s feedback to develop the Downtown Oxnard Vision Plan, which includes surrounding Plaza Park with multi-story, mixed-use buildings, including restaurants, with active ground-floor uses that front the Park; creating a downtown arts hub that connects restaurants with the arts; creating a plaza at the north end of Plaza Park; and implementing a parking management plan.

Each proposal should include the following information:

1.   A letter of introduction that includes a summary of the developer’s basic qualifications, experience, and past projects of similar nature and size.

2.   Description of the proposed project.

3.   Relevant project experience.

4.   A brief summary of the developer’s approach and anticipated timing related to planning, design, approvals, financing, phasing, development, construction and operation.

5.   Proposed purchase price for the properties. If a developer is submitting an offer for a group of properties, the offer should specify the purchase price assigned to each of the parcels that are part of that group.

Group C (Plaza Park North) contains 17 parcels bordered by West Fourth Street and South “C” Street, between Plaza Park and South “B” Street, and includes the former Social Security Building.  Two parcels are owned by the Successor Agency; nine are owned by the Oxnard Parking Authority; four are owned by the City of Oxnard; and two are privately owned.

Note: The city would consider the inclusion of 0.36 acres along North Fifth Street for any proposed project. North Fifth Street is available for outdoor seating, but it must remain open for weekly Farmer’s Markets, ongoing public events and other special events at Plaza Park.

Group F (Plaza Park South) contains 14 parcels bordered by West Fifth Street and West Sixth Street, between South “C Street and South “B” Street. Two parcels are owned by the Successor Agency; four are owned by the Oxnard Parking Authority; three are owned by the City of Oxnard; and five are privately owned.

All proposals from developers must be submitted no later than 4 p.m., Friday, May 11, to the Oxnard City Clerk’s office, 300 West Third Street, Oxnard.

For more information about submitting proposals, contact Economic Development Director Kym Horner at (805) 385-7407, or visit the past Request for Qualifications for Group C and Group F.