September 11, 2018

Oxnard Business Community Invited to Attend a Broadband Strategy Roundtable

Kevin Pisacich, Communications & Security Systems Manager 805-385-7551, [email protected]

Oxnard Business Community Invited to Attend a Broadband Strategy Roundtable

Oxnard, CA – Oxnard’s Information Technology & Economic Development Departments are inviting the Oxnard Business Community to attend a Broadband Strategy Roundtable. As an essential member of the business community your participation and experience are important for the development of the City’s Fiber Master Plan. Please join the City and Magellan Advisors on:

When: Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018


  • Community Anchor Institutions 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
  • Businesses 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. OR 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Where: Oxnard HR Activity Room, 300 W. Third Street (please enter from B St.)

RSVPs are encouraged and can be made by clicking this link. If you have any questions for us in advance of the roundtable, please email them to [email protected]

Roundtable topics will include:

  • How satisfied are you with your current Internet speed, reliability and cost?
  • Do you have a choice from multiple Internet service providers and are you satisfied with their offerings?
  • How essential is the Internet for your current operations and why?
  • Where do you see your industry going in the future and what role will the Internet play?
  • How can broadband infrastructure directly affect your competitive position?
  • How tech savvy should Oxnard become?
  • What technologies should the City deploy to improve business and community lifestyle?

From a computer in a primary business location that utilizes high-speed Internet connectivity, please take 5-10 minutes to complete the Business Broadband Survey. If you have completed this survey, thank you for your participation.

Background: In June 2018, the City of Oxnard began the process of developing a citywide Fiber Master Plan for building a high-speed fiber optic network to bring gigabit-speed Internet to the city. The city has contracted with Magellan Advisors and Iteris Inc., to assist in developing a plan that achieves Oxnard’s goal of leveraging its current fiber assets to become a “Tech” and “Gigabit” city.

The City of Oxnard currently maintains a fiber-optic network that spans more than 35 miles throughout the city and is used to connect traffic signals, city facilities and internal city services. Oxnard’s leadership understands that access to affordable and reliable high-speed fiber-optic broadband will help support the city’s businesses, healthcare institutions, education, economic development. The high-speed fiber-optic network will also enable the implementation of Smart City and IoT (Internet of Things) devices to improve the Oxnard community for all businesses, residents and visitors. For more information, please contact Oxnard IT Director Keith Brooks at 805-385-7597 or [email protected], or Oxnard Communications and Security Systems Manager Kevin Pisacich at 805- 385-7551 or [email protected].