June 4, 2024

Planned Comprehensive Fireworks Enforcement Efforts


SUBJECT: Planned Comprehensive Fireworks Enforcement Efforts
LOCATION: City of Oxnard, CA
CONTACT: Brian Woolley, Sergeant (805) 385-7771 | [email protected] 

All fireworks are illegal in Oxnard. Despite this, each year during the month leading up to July 4th, the Oxnard Police Department receives many fireworks complaints. In 2023, 631 fireworks calls were received by the Oxnard Police Dispatch Center during the month leading up to July 4th; an additional 260 calls, emails and messages were received from residents on the department’s fireworks hotlines and email tip line.  On the 4th of July holiday itself, during the 8-hour time frame between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., the Department received 393 fireworks disturbance calls last year.   

Fireworks are a significant nuisance to the majority of our residents and they can be extremely dangerous with risk of significant injuries.  Each year, fireworks land on rooftops and cause structure fires in the city. Fireworks also cause emotional distress for many of our residents particularly those suffering from post-traumatic stress. They can also be very distressing for pets and their owners. Many of our residents resort to administering prescription sedatives to their pets to help them cope with fireworks. 

The above reasons demonstrate why the Oxnard Police Department has a zero tolerance enforcement approach towards fireworks. While it is often very difficult for officers to catch offenders of fireworks violations, each year the Department prioritizes deploying as many police resources as reasonably possible towards fireworks enforcement. Last year, as a result of the dedicated and comprehensive fireworks enforcement efforts, the Department issued dozens of citations for fireworks violations.  

Any individual caught using or possessing fireworks, is subject to a fine ranging from $250-$1000; “Safe and Sane“ fireworks (sparklers, cones, flowers, etc.) carry a $250 fine; while “Dangerous” fireworks (firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman candles, M80s, mortars, etc.) carry a $1000 fine.

During the upcoming fireworks enforcement efforts, the Department will again be positioning message trailers in specific areas of the city in response to the fireworks activity reported by residents. The message trailers will display information reminding residents that fireworks are illegal and informing them of the applicable fines. Additionally, the Department has already begun mailing warning letters to addresses where fireworks activity was reported last year. The letters inform the residents that their addresses will be closely monitored this year for any repeat violations. 

The Department’s Crime Analysis Unit plays a valuable role in this effort by compiling recent fireworks calls and regularly updating patrol officers of the specific locations where fireworks are occurring. Officers starting their shifts are asked to target those specific areas for enforcement purposes during their patrols.  Throughout the month leading up to July 4th, our Neighborhood Policing Team (NPT) officers will be proactively sending out warning notices to specific addresses where fireworks activity is being reported. Furthermore, in the weeks leading up to July 4th, NPT officers will be teaming up with Fire Department and Code Compliance personnel to conduct periodic undercover fireworks suppression operations at night, involving the use of drones, to help pinpoint addresses where fireworks are occurring.

This year, the Department is planning another comprehensive fireworks enforcement effort on July 4th utilizing all available resources.  This means that many officers who would normally have Independence Day off have been assigned to work, including officers in specialized lateral assignments such as our NPT, Homeless Liaison Unit, Special Enforcement Unit, and Traffic Unit. The Department will deploy the officers in a multitude of capacities including uniformed patrol, undercover operations, motorcycle, bicycle, and foot patrols. Additionally, the Department will deploy several drones to detect locations where fireworks are occurring. 

The City of Oxnard has a social host ordinance which holds property owners responsible for fireworks activity occurring on, or from, their property.  Each year, the Department uses drones on the 4th of July which aid in identifying specific addresses where fireworks are being used. However, given the high volume of fireworks calls on July 4th, officers are not always able to immediately contact the property owners/renters to issue a citation. Nonetheless, NPT officers will mail fireworks citations to the property owners during the month of July to ensure they are held accountable for the illegal/dangerous activity occurring on their property. The Department will follow the same procedure this year but will be using enhanced drone resources. Property owners where dangerous fireworks are occurring will be subject to receiving a citation for $1000. 

The Oxnard Police Department is respectfully asking all of our residents to celebrate Independence Day safely without risk of injury or property damage.  We also encourage everyone to respect the peace and well-being of their neighbors and their pets, by refraining from the use of fireworks. 


  • Fireworks Cellphone Line (805-307-6308) Dedicated line specifically for fireworks complaints carried by an NPT officer while on duty to take down specific information of problematic locations where fireworks are occurring.  
  • Fireworks Tips via Email ([email protected]) Please provide specific information regarding locations, days, and times  
  • Fireworks Hotline (805-394-5884) Callers can remain anonymous
  • Oxnard Police Department Non-Emergency Number (805-385-7740) Use for reporting fireworks activity in progress. Please recognize that fireworks calls are prioritized based on other calls for service pending throughout the city.