November 1, 2023

Potential Scam Alert – Oxnard Water Quality

The City of Oxnard has been notified by community members that a group not affiliated with the City has been distributing misleading information regarding Oxnard Water quality and asking for entry to a person’s home for water quality testing. 

The City is not conducting in-home water quality tests. We would like to remind the community to be aware of potential scams by people who may present themselves as acting on behalf of the City and asking for access to your home or personal information.

Oxnard Water is safe to drink, and our water meets or exceeds all of the exacting standards set by the State and Federal governments. You can read more about Oxnard’s water quality testing results in the latest Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Report, available here

If you have questions or concerns regarding water quality issues — such as taste, odor or appearance — please contact Richard Maria, Regulatory Compliance Coordinator at [email protected] or (805) 200-5374.

The only third-party vendors working with the Oxnard Water Division are Badger Meters and its vendor, Professional Meters Inc. (PMI) to install new Water Meters, and AquaTech Services Inc. to provide backflow testing and repairs. The City’s vendors will not request entry into your home, nor will they be asking for any personal or account information.