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The South Oxnard Branch Library has 12 computers available for free with Internet access for all ages, 4 computers for free with Internet access for children up to the age of 12, and 8 computers available for rent at a charge of $2.00 and hour, with Internet access for all ages. All are able to print on our network black-and-white laser printer at a charge of $0.10 per page. Funds may be deposited for printing and additional computer usage beyond the free one hour limit on a deposit machine or at our front desk. In addition, there is an ADA PC available with two types of keyboards, a trackball, a mouse, and magnification software connected to a single black-and-white printer. Printing fees are applied in the same way for this PC as our other PCs.

In addition, the library has a public WiFi network that may be accessed during our open hours only but for otherwise unlimited time after sign-in.

A library card is needed to use our free PCs and WiFi. The 14-digit card number to be entered is on the back of your library card. The PIN is by default the last 4 digits of your telephone, but it may be changed. The WiFi network to select is entitled South Oxnard Library. Once connected, a screen with information about the minimum equipment requirements and a disclaimer will appear. On the left hand side, you will see a place to enter your library card number and PIN, with a log-in button right below.

The South Oxnard Branch Library has four study rooms available for public use. Each study room will accommodate a maximum of eight people.